It’s All About the Ramen!

The Mister & I ventured out of our ‘hood and went to U Street for dinner! It’s only 2 miles away but it’s a totally different world. He & I joke that we’re not cool/hip enough to live in our own neighborhood because it’s so hipster! We remember a time when we would venture to U Street to the 930 Club with all of the other 20somethings. These days, I’m more likely to be in bed by 10pm then getting ready to hit the town – LOL

One sure way to get me out is to lure me with food. Even though it was a cold night, I was ready to leave my warm little home and try me some ramen! Looking out the window of the uber, I was completely astonished with how much the U Street neighborhood had changed. Warby Parker, Kit & Ace, the new Cava Grill, & so many other places where the cool kids go!

Located in the Atlantic Plumbing Building, the name “Haikan” in Japanese means pipe works, an ode to the building in which it’s located. The owners aren’t new to ramen since they also created Daikaya, located in the Chinatown/Gallery Place neighborhood.

I love the doors! During the warm months, these will open to create a joined space between the outside and the interior seating. We opted to sit at the bar instead of a table because I always prefer to catch “the show” on the line.

That’s some show! We got there in time to enjoy the Happy Hour Specials so we decided to get the Sapporo Black, the Cocktail on Draft (San-gu-ria) along with the Crispy Pig Ears.

It’s pretty well known that I’m all about the pig so this small plate was delicious!

I really enjoy corn and every time I order corn for my ramen, I remember going to eat ramen with 2 of my BFFs in Alhambra, CA. I ordered the extra corn and the server told me that they couldn’t accommodate because they were running out of corn!! (SAD FACE) When our ramen arrived, my friends were kind enough to scoop out some of their corn to give to me (HAPPY FACE). That’s true friendship!!

I chose to get the shoyu style while the Mister got the miso. I went crazy with an add on order of egg, corn & bamboo shoots.

The Mister went with an add on order of pork belly.

These noodles are LEGIT! They’re made in Japan and flown to the US. I’m still getting over the carbon footprint for bringing these noodles to us, but they taste soooo good! I like the chewy texture and the broth is flavorful with just the right amount of salt. At some places, what they call broth is┬ábasically water & salt and that’s just disgusting.

I would go back to try the other menu items that are the Japanese inspired kozara (small plates) and with Winter upon us for the next few months, I look forward to watching the show and slurping up more ramen!

Stay warm out there, folks!


805 V St. NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 299-1000

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