Growing up I had a Dunkin Donuts down the street from me and ever once in a while, my mom and I would get a hankering so I would get us a dozen assorted doughnuts for us to devour. As a child I was infatuated with the jelly stuffed ones! Now my favorite is the old fashioned plain – going for the basics!

Although there was also a Krispy Kreme in VA that I would visit occasionally it wasn’t until I worked on a campaign in Chicago did I enjoy them in earnest. Having a drive thru made it all that much easier!

Well it’s national doughnut day and a great time to think about all that fried goodness!  I recently tried Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in San Francisco and gosh, do they make them right! Known for their “Cruffins”, the other pastries in their display case are a magical assortment that will bring happiness to anyone (if not, then I seriously question that’s person’s priorities).

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Mr. Holmes Bakehouse storefront
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The infamous cruffin
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The special doughgroni and other assorted stuffed doughnuts
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A selection of sweet and savory pastries

When I was in Vancouver, I also had a maple bacon bourbon doughnut that was awesome – well worth the bike ride to get to Cartem Donuterie.

bourbon bacon doughnuts

Then there was the time when my interest was piqued at a famers market in Boston where there was a stall that sold specialty flavored doughnuts. No idea of the vendor but those doughnuts were beyond tasty.

boston doughnuts

A childhood favorite that unfortunately no longer exists was the apple spice doughnut that I used to buy from a local farmer where I grew up. The family owned an apple orchard as well as a bakery on their farm and it was a rite of passage to welcome Autumn with a doughnut from the shoppe. Since the family closed the orchard to make way for a housing development, my family is stuck with me making a healthy version of those doughnuts. Definitely not the fried goodness that I remember but at least they evoke the memory of what once was in my childhood.

baked doughnuts

What are your favorites??

Happy Doughnut Day!



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