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It seems like forever since I last shared some choice articles for Weekend Reads. This weekend, I plan on spending time with friends at a “new to me” place for lunch and then preparing for an EGGcellent dinner. Since I wasn’t with my family for Easter, I’m celebrating with them on Sunday. I’ll be cooking up a storm as it’s my way to thank them for cooking non meat dishes for me during Lent. I’m taking a different route and making pernil, a carrot sweet potato soufflé, roasted spring vegetables, cornbread with candied ginger, a chorizo & sausage stuffing and my ode to the arrival of Spring, a lemon blueberry cake (I may change my mind and make it a strawberry cake because it’s pink and the cherry blossoms are out!). What do you have up your sleeve??

  • As you may know, I was in Hawaii for Christmas and on the island of Kauai for New Year’s in 2014/2015 (you can read about it here). I also mentioned that there were a crazy amount of chickens roaming the island, so many in fact that the locals recognize them as an unofficial mascot! The NY Times did a story on the chicken’s genealogy and it was quite interesting!
  • Sometimes it can be challenging to give yourself a pep talk when you’re feeling less than your magnificent self. Buzzfeed has a great list of actions that you can do for self care – they’re fun and help to boost that ego!
  • A great interview of Natasha Phan, Roy Choi’s right hand woman. #vietnamesewomenrock #callmeaphangirl
  • I remember watching ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ and it made me so hungry watching all the beauty that was being created in a culinary dish. Now, ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ director David Gelb is returning to Netflix on April 26th for his new documentary series called, Chef’s Table. I have a feeling that my tummy is going to want to try everything my eyes see!
  • Are you intimidated by wine? I remember when I was in college and I wasn’t a fan of red wine but my palate has changed and fortunately, I’ve learned to enjoy its variety of flavors. It also helped when I worked in a 4 star restaurant and got to learn from real professionals – a big shout out to my friend, CW who was just certified as a sommelier – visit him at Blue Duck Tavern! Here are a few tips to get you more comfortable about ordering wine.
  • Calling my friends in northern California!!! The Hello Kitty food truck is coming your way to celebrate the cherry blossoms. If you’re around, snap a pic and send them to me!
  • #FloralFriday is obviously all about the cherry blossoms! Hope you get to see them!!

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