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Instead of Weekend Reads, I thought I would update My Favorite Reads and share with you some of my favorite blogs and hope that they inspire you to get eating, enjoy your surroundings or head out on an adventure!

So I admit to having met the next 3 women who I have included in the DC section. They are each wonderfully talented and inspire me to take advantage of what’s in my kitchen as well as what’s in DC and beyond. They talk about dining out in the DC area as well as around the world and they also display their culinary talents (who doesn’t want to make lavender meringues??).

  • I was the recipient of these delicious madeleines when Cecilia came over to my house for my annual Mardi Gras party (see the Mardi Gras colors of purple, green & gold). She recently wrote about her travels to Paris and a wonderful restaurant that specializes in French oysters (the shrimp looked pretty fantastic too!). Needless to say, reading One Vanilla Bean just made me hungry!

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  • I met Cecile for the first time at my house when I hosted a Ladies Cocktail Party last summer but we had communicated over Instagram and twitter for a few months prior (technology can be such a great way to meet people!). My interest in French food and culture is always piqued when she talks about her treks back home to Provence so I trust her opinion when there’s a French place I would like to try. Her last post at The Worldly Bite was about making lavender meringues when DC had its last snowstorm (I was nowhere near as productive!).
  • Cecile introduced me to Aparna when all of us were at the opening for Chez Billy Sud in Georgetown (forever Cafe la Ruche for me!). I often find myself giggling whenever the 3 of us tweet over our shared enjoyment of #FreshofftheBoat! Aparna and her husband came to my Mardi Gras party this year and it was her husband who found the baby in the king cake so he won that distinction this year. Her blog, Doorstep & Beyond is a really great combination of finding fun activities in DC and outside of the DMV.

In my For the Fun of It section, my mentality is anything that brightens my day.

  • I added a rather well known blog, Love Taza. I’m not a mom but I thoroughly enjoy her adventures with her children. Her 3 littles range in age from newborn to 3 1/2 years of age and the older children have the most precious things to say. I have absolutely nothing in common with her, other than she once lived in DC but I like reading about what’s on going with her life, probably just because it’s a different perspective. It’s cheery!

I added a new section: FASHION – it had to happen eventually, right? If you follow me on Instagram @madalenemielke, it’s a good dose of #attire posts so you know that I’m always curious to see what others are wearing.

  • I know that I can’t rock pants/jeans the way Shalice Noel does – we just have different body types but it’s always great to check out her posts to remind me that I’m not alone in wanting to go w out socks/pantyhose w my shoe choices. She sure wears the heck out of distressed jeans – mad props for her style.
  • If I could have The Londoner‘s legs that would just be swell! No matter – I’ll just keep wearing my 4″ heels to confuse people on my true height 🙂 Her blog is so cute with its food pics of fun places in London, her darling Mr. Custard and her cheeky puns. If anything, she inspires me to spend more time in DC and to explore the fun places that my own backyard has to offer.
  • When I’m in need of “ladylike” inspiration, Gary Pepper Girl does the trick. For a while, I wanted to grow my hair to resemble her chin length bob but I just don’t have the patience. Her pictures are beyond fantastic and her style choices are much more aligned to my aesthetic.

I hope that these additions will inspire you as well as inform you to things that are going on about town and to wherever these fine folks travel. Don’t forget about the other blogs that have been a part of the list. Sharing is caring!

Have a great weekend!



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