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pink umbrellas royal hawaiian
pink umbrellas royal hawaiian

We’re in the final weeks of summer & I can’t wait for autumn (don’t yell at me!). The Mister and I finally booked our end of year vacay and it’s Hawaii!! This photo was taken in September 2011 (which I can’t believe was 3 years ago!!). This means there will be¬†multiple days of surfing and eating on repeat \m/ – hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend!

  • Headed to Phoenix? Then check out the street art (with map!) and bask in the artistry.
  • I had a work trip a few years ago and spent part of the time checking out my people’s food in the OC (so good!). If you can’t make it there but are in the LA area, here’s a list of places to hit up while in the San Gabriel Valley.
  • I am OBSESSED with this video – she’s 6 years old!!!
  • That’s it – after looking at this slideshow, I’m packing it up and going to Milan.
  • Ever wonder how to really pronounce all of those fancy designer names? Lanvin, Christian Louboutin (easy, right!) How about Nicolas Ghesquiere (yeah, not so easy). Well now there’s a handy dandy guide (parts 1 & 2).
  • I may live in the city but these homes¬†in the country would be fun.
  • So I don’t really drink coffee but I do enjoy cafe culture and these places I can see myself whiling the hours away!
  • #FloralFriday ranunculus to brighten the weekend!

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