Weekend Reads



So I guess it’s a double dose of Weekend Reads since I was on travel last Friday and didn’t do a post. It has a been a crazy few days! Pursuing personal and professional development on the west coast (which included multiple trips to Tartine Bakery – see above!) and then jetting back to Maison Awesome. I have a great weekend ahead (friends coming over for dinner, a massage (FINALLY!) and general revelry. I hope you get to enjoy your weekend as much as me!

  • The next time I’m Paris, I’m going to want to check out this newly renovated Art Deco hotel which is also designated as a French historical site. The first modern bikini was unveiled at this location in 1946.
  • Kicking off Friday with my continued obsession with peonies. If you’re like me and wishing that Spring lasted a little longer, I see these blooms and my mind wanders to cooler weather.

Enjoy the weekend!


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