A Personal “Oh Myyyyy!!” moment


If you didn’t already know, May is #AAPIHM and George Takei, otherwise known as Uncle George, made it back to DC after his keynote appearance at the APAICS dinner for an AARP taping of his TakeisTakes. Mr. Takei is a prolific influencer of social media with accounts on Twitter, @georgetakei and Facebook.

coozies George Takei overview

A dear friend of mine who works at AARP was kind enough to invite me to attend a #SelfieswithGeorge session at the DC Facebook office and I quickly added that to my calendar.

facebook arcade

It was a great evening filled with talking with people that I follow on Twitter or Instagram IRL and to actually get to introduce myself to them. People queued up to talk with him as they took official photos as well as selfies.

portraitHe was kind enough to talk with each one of the people in the line without making you feel like you were rushed. It was such a fun event and it proves that my other hashtag is really true: #politicscanbefun


IMG_5914Special thanks to @tammy for such a fun evening and if you don’t already follow her on twitter, get on it. If you’re approaching 50 years young and/or have parents/friends who are in that age range, consider hopping over to @aarp to get updates or to their blog to get news (in English and Spanish) and information.

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