Weekend Reads


This week was a doozy: family emergency that brought a reminder that life is too short to wait to do anything as well as the usual work events with back to back rainy weather. So these reads were good in that they inspired me to do a few things for myself.

  • I’ve had a love affair with Paris since I was a child. I learned to speak French starting in middle school and I’ve been on and off with the language for a while. So this recent article from Food and Wine talks about how Tokyo is the new Paris. Should I be learning Japanese now?
  • I’m always for having more SHEros so when I saw this on FB, I knew that I would need to share this for all my friends who have god/grand/daughters, nieces & of course, god/grand/son, nephews etc…because doesn’t EVERYONE want to see that our Heroes come in all forms? A Mighty Girl is a great resource for “supporting and celebrating girls”. No damsels in distress!
  • When you’re having a bad day, sometimes all it takes is a bit of CUTE!
  • I’m a big fan of Humans of New York and you can watch the creator, Brandon Stanton talk about how he got started in photography as well as how he approaches his subjects.
  • If you just want to kick up your heels like a can can dancer at the Moulin Rouge, you should at least be prepared with the right kicks.

Happy Friday!


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