Brunch at Mintwood Place

To be perfectly honest, I am not a breakfast person. I enjoy eating but I normally don’t like to eat breakfast.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy bacon (obvi!) but I don’t like to eat it everyday, although I recently read an article where an 105 year old woman claims that her longevity is from eating 3 “crispy” pieces of bacon a day!

On a daily basis, I like to eat Greek yogurt with honey and fresh cut fruit. I make myself eat wheat something cereal or oatmeal but normally I would prefer leftovers from a previous night’s dinner than general breakfast fare. If it’s the weekend, then I will probably make bacon for the Mister (and me!) with some kind of egg. I prefer poached while the Mister likes over easy. I’ll sometimes make blueberry pancakes or waffles but that can sometimes be an expedition because then I’m left w a bunch of waffles that I will share with my family when I go to Sunday dinner or freeze them for later use.

This leads me to brunch. That place in between breakfast and lunch. The choices of savory and sweet. I did a montage of food photos and the majority of them were of the savory variety.

If I’m going to brunch, I’m going to dismiss anything that says pancake or waffle. I might be intrigued for a crepe but then it will probably have some spinach, ham or cheese in it. In my travels, I usually like to order a corned beef hash just because I like to see how people make their hash.

I almost never go to brunch with the Mister. We’re early risers so sleeping in means getting up at 9am. By the time brunch is served, it’s already my second meal! So when my sorority alumi group does its monthly Brunch Bunch, I usually don’t make it but this brunch’s selection was at Mintwood Place. ┬áNamed one of the 100 very best restaurants by the Washingtonian, I figured it would be a good starter to see if I would take the Mister for dinner later down the road.

Although I don’t like breakfast fare, I do enjoy breakfast “drinks” – bloody Marys, mimosas etc..I like my bloodies to be spicy so having bits of horseradish and black pepper in my tomato juice is fine by me. The bloody at Mintwood hit the spot.

One of the items that did catch my eye were the flammekueche choices. Flammekueche is an Alsatian bacon, cheese and onion tarte. It’s basically a thin crusted pizza. Instead, I decided on the suckling pig hash. That had my name all over it. ┬áThe hash has small diced crispy potatoes cooked with a nice tomato and onion mixture. Topped with 2 sunny side eggs, it was a good combination.

What do you like to eat for breakfast or brunch?



Mintwood Place
1813 Columbia Rd. NW
Washington, DC
(202) 234-6732

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