My Philadelphia Story….

is based on training (an activity that I heart) and eating (definitely another activity that I heart). ┬áSo it’s got nothing to do with the Academy award nominated “The Philadelphia Story” except for well, being in…Philadelphia ­čÖé

Departure time was 5:30am on a Saturday morning!!

We started our road trip with an impromptu playlist in the rental car and with the help of Yelp we were able to locate Bonte Wafflerie to eat breakfast once we got situated. ┬áHello, strawberry waffle ­čÖé

Philadelphia Breakfast – Strawberry Waffle – $2.25

This was certainly not the kind of waffle that I’m used to eating! ┬áThe strawberry was stuffed INSIDE and there was no syrup. ┬áThe exterior of the waffle had a little more sugar to it so when it cooked in the iron, the sugar crystallized and it took on a more caramelized flavor. ┬áThe batter was also a different consistency so it was more dense vs fluffy. ┬áAn interesting take on your traditional American styles.

Bonte Wafflerie & Cafe
130 S 17th St.
Philadelphia, PA

My traveling companions had recently watched the documentary, “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”. ┬áIt’s the story of 85 year old Jiro Ono, considered to be the greatest sushi chef in the world. ┬áNot just a city, a province/state, a country but the whole freaking WORLD. ┬áThat’s saying somethin’!

The visuals of all that sushi consumption makes you want to eat sushi IMMEDIATELY and if you can’t, you want to eat sushi as soon as you can. ┬áThat being said, we decided to succumb to sushi’s siren call and with the help of opentable and Yelp, secured a 1,000 point reservation at Zama.

The decor of the restaurant was minimal while setting a modern tone.  Light colored wood and an large illuminated fish were the key items that stood out.

We decided to get an array of dishes so that we could share. ┬áI can’t say, “no” to short ribs so we chose the ┬áKirin Ichiban braised short ribs w crispy noodles as well as pan fried pork dumplings.

As for the sushi, we chose a crunchy yellowtail roll and Chef’s choice for the 16 piece sashimi. ┬áEverything was delicious and satisfying.

Zama Restaurant
128 S 19th St.
Philadelphia, PA

One of my all time favorite sushi experiences was in South Beach Miami a million years ago before we had twitter, Facebook, barely email….so I can’t even remember the name of the restaurant! ┬áIt was in the Lincoln Road Mall area of shops and restaurants, near the Sony building. ┬áIt was a group of 4 and we were seated outside eating this MASSIVE sushi boat. ┬áThere was so much sushi and sashimi and we were so done but we couldn’t stop eating it because the fish was so fresh. ┬áI remember tasting it and thinking that I was eating the ocean. ┬áEvery bite made me feel like I was sitting on the beach instead of a concrete jungle. ┬áThat’s how I envision eating sushi every time. ┬áSo fresh that you’re transported to the sea.

Next time I journey to Philadelphia, anyone have any recommendations?



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