Sugar High!

When I was a child, having a soda was considered a special treat, reserved for holidays and special occasions such as a birthday.  I remember getting those $1 gift certificates for McDonald’s and having an internal debate about whether I should get a coca-cola or the fries.  As I reflect to my 7 year old self, I realized that I always went for the soda.  Ask me now and I would say the fries but add some truffle oil and parmesan/rosemary to it and I would be good to go.

When I went to Pasadena, my friend AK told me about a store that sold candy and soda….a kid’s ultimate dream!  So I decided to check it out.  It’s a super cute store for the kid in all of us.  The other customers were in the pre-pubescent range and debating the merits of the individual candies and drinks.  I was amazed with the selection!  Taffy of all flavors; candies from other parts of the world and bottled soda galore. 

I was thinking of the variety of jellybean flavors from Harry Potter and saw a taffy in the flavor of buttered popcorn.  My favorite candy bar is Payday.  Nothing chocolate for me…I like salty and sweet at the same time.  Next time you’re in Old Towne Pasadena, check out Rocket Fizz and get a sugar high!

Rocket Fizz

111 W Green St.

Pasadena, CA 91105

They have additional locations in AZ, CA, CO, NE & NV

For most of us, Easter had passed so peeps were in order.  Here are a few peeps that I saw while at the National Harbor Peeps store!

These are stuffed animals!

This peep changed colors

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