April Showers Brings a Floral Umbrella

With all this non-winter weather, you would think that I would be excited with the idea that Spring has already arrived.  Generally, there is a process.  First, we must have April showers to bring us those May flowers so I’m hoping that we have lovely sprinkles vs downright onslaughts. 

Picture taken at the Smithsonian Castle garden
I have always wanted to get a floral umbrella.  My favorite umbrella of all time is a standard umbrella that I bought at the Barney’s outlet in Leesburg.  It’s compact and has it’s own sleeve so that after it rains and you enter a building, you can collapse it and put it in the sleeve and it won’t drip.  It’s also black so it goes with everything, including my leopard print galoshes/wellies.  Did I mention that I have an un-natural obsession with leopard print?  In fact, I have 2 pairs of wellies and they’re both leopard print.  That’s why I have a black umbrella.

Exhibit 1 Leopard Print wellies

But not anymore!!  I bought a beautiful floral umbrella from Le Village Marche in Shirlington, VA.  They sell beautiful vintage gifts that are French or French inspired.  I’ve bought my fair share of candles and baby gifts in there.  If you need a hostess gift or a cute something something for a sister-in-law or mother-in-law, they have a selection that will let you look like you put some thought into the gift (no offense to the sister/mother-in-laws out in the world!).

My beautiful umbrella (who wouldn’t want it to rain??)

Le Village Marche

2800 S. Randolph St. #110-A

Arlington, VA 22206

My dilemma now is that since I have a floral umbrella, I can’t wear my leopard print wellies – maybe a good thing??  If you have suggestions, hit me up!  Don’t suggest a leopard print umbrella cuz I am already a proud owner of said item!!



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