There’s No Place Like the Chateau if You’re Away From Home

I travel to Lala Land quite a bit.  In 2009, I turned my business trips into opportunities to learn how to surf.  I stayed in Santa Monica/Venice/West Hollywood aka WEHO/Beverly Hills/Pasadena and enjoyed all of the different locations.  One of the most unique places I stayed was at the Chateau Marmont.

Yes, the same Chateau Marmont that is known for its celebrity patrons hanging out at the bar/restaurant, pool and patio.  The same hotel that was the basis for Sofia Coppola’s movie, Somewhere, with the history of being a bada** fixture for rock and rollers and movie stars.  John Belushi died there – a remarkable example of how death and celebrity has only made the hotel’s mystique grow.

I was originally booked for 2 nights at the Chateau.  My travel day was one from planes, trains and automobiles – flight delayed; boarded a plane to only have to deplane to another terminal and another plane and along the way, I get a message from the Chateau that they had to move me to another hotel (!!). They had overbooked/oversold and as a consequence, I would be moved to another hotel for 1 night.  They would move my luggage from the other hotel to my remaining night at the Chateau.  Being that I was arriving late in the evening and was clueless on what I was doing, I said, “Sure!”.  Where exactly was I staying?!!?  Only at a place called, the Sunset Marquis Hotel & Villas.

How many hotels have I stayed in that has its own recording studio?!  Make that ONE – If I had time, I would have tried to see if I could have karaoked my way into that studio!  Sometimes when I travel, I order a burger from room service and this was one of the times that I decided to try it out.  I didn’t realize that I was staying at such a snazzy place until after the fact – that’s how clueless I was about my lodging.  Since the Sunset Marquis has a tiny gym, they give you a guest pass to use the gym at Equinox, which is across the street.  As a person who actually doesn’t mind the gym, Equinox is so beyond classy.  Beautiful interior along with staff who all look like they can be models.  Talk about incentive!  Due to its location, there are celebrities who work out there and that in itself is weird because I’m sweating next to some person who I watch on tv!

Upon my arrival to the Sunset Marquis, bottled water and fruit were waiting for me!

The big comfy bed at the Sunset Marquis

Countertop bar at the Sunset Marquis

The living room of the hotel room

But back to the Chateau!  I drive up to the hotel and they valet my rental car.  I walk into the hotel and the registration desk is an old school style window.  They give me an old fashioned key and explained to me how to get to my room, which in fact is one of the bungalows.  Did I mention that I wasn’t staying in the main hotel but in one of the bungalows?  There are only 4 at the Chateau and they are along the pool.  The old fashion key is to unlock the gate into the garden and you walk a beautiful corridor of foliage and it’s a maze.   I felt like I was wandering into a secret garden of adventure.

I walk up to the bungalow and use my old fashion key to enter.  What awaits me is a whole house!  In the living room, a bottle of red wine along with cheese and crackers were waiting for me.  There was a living room, a full kitchen, a writing desk and bedroom/bathroom.

My welcoming wine at the Chateau Marmont

The living room area of my bungalow
The writing desk with my personalized stationery!
My kitchen at the bungalow
My own little kettle
I love the cute curtain under the sink!
Look at that charming headboard!

Loving the ole school refrigerator!

I was staying for a total of one night at the Chateau and they made me personalized stationery!!!  AMAZE-BALLS!  I didn’t use it but kept it as a memento of my stay.

If you ever get a chance to stay at either of these establishments, do it! You can live the mystery of a Hollywood starlet or pretend that you’re a high roller producer.  Either way you can have the modern sensibility of the Sunset Marquis or the charming garden life of the Chateau Marmont.  Have a cocktail for me!



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