Faux Winter or is it really Faux Spring?

Winter in DC usually means a few weeks, OK fine, maybe a few months of random snow and cold temperatures.  Having been raised in the DC area, I have always enjoyed 4 seasons, including winter!  It was a time where I could break out the warm, yet fashionable coat.  It wasn’t until recently that I started wearing a puffer jacket. I never thought that I was sporty enough to actually pull it off but when I was on a visit to the in-laws in Naples, FL, I ventured out to the outlet mall and bought a Gap puffer coat for $25!

There began my introduction to the sporty but warm look!  That was a few years ago and that $25 jacket has been to the Sundance Film Festival in UT braving a real winter; Iowa in January for the Caucus in 2008; even Snowmageddon when we got an actual blizzard!  Alas, it was time to retire it and instead, I upgraded to a Vineyard Vines puffer with a hood!  Now, I’m in the big leagues.  I was a little apprehensive because I didn’t want to look like I was walking around in a sleeping bag with sleeves but Hubs assured me that I looked like a girl.  Maybe it was because it was lined in pink whales….

We’ve had a couple of windy days so buying the puffer was actually a good investment.  Although my recent purchase of a leopard print coat requires that the temperature drop a few more degrees, otherwise I’m going to need to turn on the air condition just so I can wear it.  Not so great for global warming but I can still wear it a few times before it gets stored in the closet – I just kid!!

Found at asos.com on sale for $266 regular price $448

Speaking of leopard print, I realized that I will start turning into Peg Bundy if I don’t get my leopard print obsession under control.  I also recently bought a red leopard print dress as well as a sequin leopard print scarf.  Don’t worry, I won’t wear everything all at once so I will manage to restrain myself but just ever so slightly 🙂

Dolce Gabbana retails $1295 but my purchase was very similar in red from Single Label on sale $49  www.hautelook.com

With 70 degree temperatures in February, I’m going to have to check the weather forecast to see if I have any opportunities to break out my new purchase.  In the meantime, I’ll keep my Peg Bundy leopard print in the closet!



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