The Shortest Month of the Year with the Most Stuff to Do!

It’s a Leap Year so I get an “extra” day to do whatever but February has been so hectic that I might just use the 29th to sleep.  I seem to think that’s not going to happen!

I keep a Master calendar at work that lets me see how many events I have with all of my clients.  I have 21 events between now and March 31st.  That’s just work events with other items being scheduled as well.  This weekend looks to be a doozy.  It’s my mom’s 70th Birthday!  Yay!!  I’m throwing her a party at the Dupont Circle location of Meiwah Restaurant,  The owner, Larry La is a great guy and the restaurant serves excellent food.  I’ve done work events there and I know that since my mom enjoys Chinese and Vietnamese food that she’ll like the menu.  In fact, CBS 9 interviewed Larry about lunar new year.  You can check out the video.

I’m still recuperating from the lunar new year festivities at my family’s place.  Lots of food and celebration!

Photos courtesy of Ms. Janelle Hu.

I’ve started prepping for the EPIC Mardi Gras party that is scheduled for this coming weekend.  Hubs and I started decorating with purple, gold & green lights; garland and hangings.

Time to get cracking w more decorations and cooking!  How’s your February looking??

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