Who Needs Fashion When You Got 30" of Snow?

Who do I blame for my lack of originality this unusually snowy season? Mother Nature? Global warming? Needless to say, my standard fare of Pocahontas boots and wellies are making me miss my standard 4” heels.

At the end of January, I had a work event in San Jose, CA and the weather was incredible, especially since I was coming from temps where with the wind chill it was 9 degrees! I made it out there when the area was finishing up 11 straight days of rain. I wore a short sleeve wrap dress along w a long sleeve cardigan with my standard 4” Christian Louboutin shoes. I actually got warm and had to remove the cardigan! People were telling me that I looked like I was dressed for summer temperatures. It was in the lower 60s. Coming from 9 degrees, the lower 60s counts is summer!

Earlier in the week I was in Park City, UT and going through a snowstorm that eventually dumped 2 feet on the area. My puffy jacket was essential to the daily wardrobe and I watched a high school student walk home during the storm wearing ballet flats WITHOUT socks w skinny jeans and a thin sweater WITHOUT a coat. Maybe she thought it was balmy. I, on the other hand was wearing multiple layers without regard for fashion. In fact to combat getting my feet wet, I wore socks then covered them in plastic bags and then wore my boots. It was so slushy and puddle filled that my boots were getting soaked. When my feet are happy so am I.

I find happiness in shoes. I do not feel the pain from wearing heels all day. Maybe it’s because they’ve been contorted for so long that I just become numb. Even when I did double shifts at Kinkead’s (anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant will know, you don’t sit down for any real length of time) I still wore high heels. I feel like I waddle when I wear flats. It’s always been my desire to be 5’6” and most people think I am that height because I’m always in heels.

This snowy winter season is killing my height (people are starting to whisper, “Did she shrink?”) and killing my shoe addiction.

When can I wear these again????

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