About Me

Who is X?

My middle name starts with a “X” and I always thought it gave me a mysterious persona. It’s a great conversation starter when you see the X in between my first and last initials. You can also think of it as a capsule such as when fashion brands do a collection with a guest designer (à la Adidas x Rihanna). I’m definitely not as cool as Ms. Fenty although I can hold my own.

By day I work as a political consultant and the rest of the time, I try to bring my own personality while I surf both web and water for beautiful accessories (handbags and shoes!) and surfing.

In my previous life, I worked in the hospitality industry for a James Beard winning chef in Washington, DC and learned a great deal about service while working as a floor manager in the front of the house. As a result, I’m always on the look out for new places to dine, entertaining at home for family and friends, & creating fun unique experiences because life is about time spent with loved ones.

This little journal shares ideas that may provide inspiration and a light hearted escape from the everyday as well as a curated corner of my favorite experiences.







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