One to Follow: Buttercream Bakery

You wouldn’t think that I preferred savory to sweet with the number of pastry places I visit! One of my favorite DC shops is Buttercream and they are delightful. They make custom design cakes as well as wonderful concoctions that make you want to sigh every time you take a bite. It’s a piece of heaven!

They gave a sneak peek of their upcoming Valentine’s Day selections and I’m marking my calendar so I can run over there to try them all. For their everyday offerings, I like the Queen B and the savory scones. If you want an amped up breakfast sandwich, get the breakfast bomb, a combination of eggs, cheese & sausage all ensconced in milk bread.

Doesn’t it all look so pretty & delicious?

Buttercream Bakeshop
1250 9th St. NW
Washington, DC
(202) 735-0102
Instagram: @Bttrcrmbakeshop
Facebook: @ButtercreamBakeShopDC
twitter: @BttrcrmBakeshop

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