A Morning with Vermeer

Just blocks away from my house is the National Gallery of Art, which houses modern and classical artwork from errrrybody. It’s amazing when you think how much culture is only mere steps from me and it’s FREE!!! So the Mister and I decided to make a morning of seeing Vermeer and the other Masters of Genre Painting. The exhibit runs until January 21st so GO!!

A few weeks ago, we saw a segment about the Vermeer exhibit. The last time a Vermeer collection was in DC was 20 years ago so we decided that it was high time that we got in on the action before it would be another 20 years. We have lived on the same street for 20 years so that has not changed. We’re the ones that needed the kick in the pants!

I am much more accustomed to entering into the building from the east wing gallery. It was recently re-opened after a major renovation so it has been getting a lot of attention.

The amazing artwork by Calder
clean lines
This wing of the gallery was designed by I.M. Pei & I really enjoy the flow.

The Vermeer exhibit is in the other wing of the gallery which has a more classical feel.

garden peak
What an oasis!
vermeer signage
As you can tell, there was a line and it was worth the wait. We got to see some terrific pieces along the way.

interior garden vermeer line

vermeer signage
As you can tell there was a line of people to see the exhibit. It was worth the wait and we got to see incredible pieces along the way. It took about 45 minutes to get into the exhibit on the day that we went.
A sculpture of Louis XIV
When the outside temperature is in the teens being indoors with blooming flowers and fruit trees warms me right up.
garden 2
Say hi to Mercury, the statue affixed at the top of the fountain
The architect John Russell Pope used the Pantheon in Rome as inspiration for not only the dome at the National Gallery of Art but also the Jefferson Memorial.

hanging lantern

Now we’re getting to the really really good stuff! This exhibit showcases Vermeer and other Masters of Genre Painting. It shows that throughout time and network, theses artists were able to inspire one another to create pieces that could be connected by their vision. Incredible to see what was popular at that time and how the artists turned their vision into art. What I took away from the exhibit is how they captured the beauty of the time (the clothes, the hair, the mundane, everyday pieces, paintings within a painting etc..)


red top with cream skirt
This skirt was fascinating. Look at the color and then the border. Beautiful capture of light in the folds.
red jacket
Loving this woman’s jacket. The color is rich and looking at it makes me feel warm.
pinkish red skirt
I really liked the coloring of this skirt – not really pink and not really red.
red dress
The details of the dress on the sleeve and bodice were incredible. Again more red
green jacket
One of the 1st pieces that I liked where the focal point color wasn’t red. This green jacket was lovely.
blue top
The blue in the bodice as well as the lighting for the skirt struck a chord.
baby blue
This skirt color made the painting light up.
black jacket
This jacket with hood could easily be a piece in my own wardrobe. I could see myself wearing it.

All of the pieces that I shared were not painted by Vermeer. The other Masters in his field were exceptionally talented and captured a different perspective. It was a delight to see it in person!






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