What Do You See? Chic or Over the Top?


This photo of this incredibly chic woman is in an eyeglass store on Pennsylvania Ave. SE and every time I pass by (usually when the store is closed), I make a mental note to come back and check out her frames. Her aesthetic encapsulates what I would like to see in myself. I really love everything about her look. Let’s break it down, shall we?


I used to wear my hair in an Anna Wintour style bob which lasted for all about a hot minute because one, my bangs refuse to stay straight and I have an unusually sweaty forehead (sorry, that was gross and probably TMI). The severity of the cut is something that I enjoy because of sleek clean lines. My hair started going grey/white years ago so the only reason why I don’t look like Cruella de Vil is because I dye it on a regular basis. One summer, I went wild and crazy and asked my colorist to give me highlights. I liked the result. It just didn’t attribute to my aesthetic which was to look professional without looking like a person in their early 20s and having all one color hair was a way to evoke that brand.


The bold red lip and cat eye like eyeliner makes it clean and fresh. Classic yet modern.


The combination of the patterns is bold and unique. LOVE ALL OF IT. There’s a mix of texture from the fabrics and the jewelry is both feminine and modern. To some this outfit might scream that there’s a lot going on. I like to think that every piece is in harmony with one another.

Eyeglass Frames

Let’s get down to business because this is an eyeglass store so those frames are the selling point. Tortoise or animal print are so my jam and although this doesn’t look like it from the photo, these combination of colors adds to how it can be viewed as those kinds of patterns. Add in the nerdy big style and WHAM – you have yourself a winner.

Sometimes, I try to mix patterns with the result of bag lady chic. My mom usually gives me a side eye but goes along with it anyway. I still haven’t gone in to see the frames up close. One thing is certain, whoever designed this photo did a good job to pull people to the store.

What do you see?





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