Aurnia’s Ready for Winter

My pup likes the colder weather so even though I may be freezing this winter, she enjoys the lower temperatures when we’re on her walky-walk. We’ve had snow a couple of times already and the salt that people use on the sidewalks can be harmful to Aurnia’s paws. So we take an additional 20 minutes to put on her protective booties. She gets a treat after each bootie so she becomes less cranky so with any food motivated being, it’s worth going through the pain process if it means getting a treat 🙂

aurnia booties
Why you do dis, lady?!

We’re going to switch over to different booties because these don’t stay on her paws for very long. Aurnia is actually pretty accustomed to these booties in that she doesn’t have any comical moments in them. I’ll keep you posted as we get the new booties and see if we get some funny outtakes.

If you’re feeling the colder temperatures, hope you’re staying warm. If you’re in a warmer climate, please send some of that weather our way!





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