Spreading Holiday Cheer

I’m getting into the holiday spirit by going to different local events to catch all of the cheer that people are so joyfully spreading. This past Saturday the Mister and I went to an area in Baltimore called Hampden and it was a colorful explosion of all things Christmas, Hanukkah & even Mardi Gras! This light festival is in its 71st year – incredible, right? People from everywhere journey to this little block to see the decorations. Afterwards, we dined out on Elm and had a taste of the holidays in cocktail form. Come take a tour!

Santa came to visit! He was supposed to come the week before but it snowed so he delayed his trip & we were fortunate to see him and his reindeer!
These two houses are definitely the most busy. You can walk up onto the porches to take a photo and take a look see.
All aboard!
This house had Santa flying in on his helicopter – no need for reindeer!
The house with the famous red crab. As a Marylander, I appreciated that one.
The tree decorated with records.
This tree has hubcaps!
It’s not a party unless you have a flock of flamingos!
This house was already prepared for Mardi Gras! Check out the fleur de lis & the harlequin masks on display along with the beads on their trumpet topper tree.
Houses also had Hanukkah represented too. This house also had dreidels & lights on its walls because they did a laser light show.

Thanks to all of those neighbors on 34th Street who do this every night! You can see it until New Year’s Eve from 5pm-10pm. Check out their website for more information on parking and how to get there.

To end the evening, I got a lovely cocktail called a Cranberry mule while the Mister imbibed on water for the drive back to DC.

What holiday festivities are you doing?


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