Final White House Holiday Tour

I had the opportunity to take a tour of the White House this holiday season and it was delightful! We’re actually standing inside a 10 foot tall “gift” pergola where there’s a bow at the top.

You’re welcomed by greeters who offer you a booklet that explains the history of the decorations and the rooms in which they’re situated.

You can take a look here. We also received a recipe from the First Lady for her oatmeal cookies. Let’s get started!! The East Visitor Entrance was decorated with a variety of gold and crimson bows.

Sunny and Bo were there to greet us (not the actual pups themselves!), but their replicas along with a towering “tree” of toys that my Aurnia would probably want to investigate.

Check out those old school lights wreath!

As we continued along through the East Colonnade, there were cascading ribbons and crystals hanging from the ceiling and a bevy of decorated trees outside.

Upon entering the East Garden room, the White House pays tribute to our brave service members & veterans. Gold star ornaments are used to honor those who gave their lives to the United States. It’s also a place where you can send electronic greetings to thank our service members, veterans, and their families.

Next up are the White House Library, the Vermeil Room and the China Room.

Check out the individual ornaments in this archway decoration! It’s a Winter Wonderland!

Along the hallway, you’ll find a variety of snow people decked out in hats, scarves & earmuffs.

This was one of my favorite rooms, the White House Library where the decorations were made up of crayons, pencils & note cards.

The Vermeil Room was decorated in a pastel palette and had a ballerina theme. A portrait of Lady Bird Johnson painted by Elizabeth Shoumatoff hangs over the mantel.

The China Room holds decades of china services chosen by the First Ladies. I wrote a post of my favorite pieces here. The trees this year were decorated to honor past Presidents and their service to the United States.

I spent a lot of time campaigning for this former First Lady and she’ll always have a place in the White House.

Then up the staircase to the East Room! A ferris wheel theme was prevalent throughout the room.

The crèche is the centerpiece of the room and has been displayed in the East Room since 1967.

Moving into the Green Room, I got a very citrusy vibe! The decorations evoked good health and nutrition with the colorful fruit and vegetable decorations.

Next stop, the Blue Room! The tree is traditionally a 17 foot 6 inch fir tree. This year’s decorations celebrate “We, the People” and the Constitution.

The Blue Room is also my favorite spot to look outside. You can see the Jefferson Memorial & the Washington Monument.

Moving along to the Red Room, fruit continues to play a prominent role in the decorations.

The State Dining Room is a show stopper! Gingerbread people flanking President Lincoln along with two 14 foot fir trees with 56 gingerbread houses to represent the states and the territories.

Everyone is always excited to see the gingerbread house and this year it was made with 150 pounds of gingerbread!

As you exit out into the Grand Foyer and Cross Hall, you see the iconic portrait of President Kennedy.

The grandeur of the presidential seal.

The beauty of the trees that line the foyer.

You see the staircase that leads to the residence and the portrait of the President that has brought a lot of joy in my professional and personal journeys.

That’s a wrap!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Let me know what were your favorites.

Happy Holidays!








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