Spy-seeeee Chicken

My kitchen has seen some action lately. Spicy chicken, roasted lobster and Dungeness crab and lots of other deliciousness. Since I joined Snap chat ? (follow me at madalene.mielke), a friend of mine asked about the spicy chicken otherwise known as Sriracha chicken recipe so here you go!

Version 2

I changed a bit of the recipe so ended up with more of a light sauce than a glaze. I really enjoyed having the coconut oil as the base of the sauce because it gave it a different taste than if I had used a vegetable oil. It made the house spell like we were in a restaurant. The final dish had quinoa and kale. You can see that there was more of a sauce vs a glaze and I like how the sauce gave the quinoa a bit of a punch. The sweetness of the coconut made the kale less bitter and gave it a spicy sweet taste. Hope you enjoy it!spicy chicken final


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