Sakura Season

Five weeks ago, DC got 5″ of snow and Aurnia had her photo taken under “her” canopy of cherry trees. 

Then Spring finally arrived so that Aurnia could enjoy the warmer weather.

Every year DC eagerly anticipates the arrival of the sakura season. This year they didn’t disappoint. There have been years when the winds were so strong that they blew away like confetti as soon as they blossomed. Probably the most popular place to see the cherry blossoms are at the Tidal Basin. So on one Saturday morning, the Mister and I trekked down along with thousands of our closest friends to see these beauties.

Having lived in DC as long as I have I tend to enjoy the view in the early morning light, especially before work but life has a way of getting out of hand so I rarely have a chance to go at that time of day.

As much as the blossoms are gorgeous and give a sense of fragility, the trunks are what most fascinate me. The nooks and crannies are gnarled and show so much depth.

With the harsh winter and all of that nature can bring, it’s a blessing when you see the start of a new bud. We all have to do our part to protect the existing trees for future visitors.

Even with a slightly breezy day, the blossoms can withstand thousands of people bumping into them, photographing them and capturing their beauty.

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One of my favorite places to a look of the Spring flowers is over at the Smithsonian Castle. The magnolia trees usually bloom before the cherry trees so the courtyard is brilliantly lush.

If you ever make it to DC during Sakura season, you will find that you’re not alone in all of its awe.

Where did you catch the cherry blossoms?


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