Weekend Reads 2015 edition v8

photo credit Moi

This week was filled with work events and a snow day. Spring can’t get here soon enough! In the meantime, I’ll just think about the fluffy cherry blossoms and when I used to go surfing. Maybe I can start planning my spring meals and wardrobe!

  • I used to run high school cross country and mid to long distance track (I was captain of the girls cross country team my senior year) and I was never as fast as Mary Cain. She ROCKS!! I hope she breaks all the records (she’s doing a great job so far!). #runlikeagirl
  • I so love this YouTube project, Cooking with Granny! You get a valuable history lesson and a great family recipe. It’s like when I was a little girl visiting with family friends and we all helped in the kitchen while listening to our respective mommas talk about their time growing up. Younger generations learning from their elders.
  • I’m a morning person but not a breakfast person (it’s my least favorite meal of the day) so when after I get in my exercise there are times when I wish DC had options for me at 8am on a Saturday – lo and behold, I found a list of breakfast places that open at the crack of dawn! #huzzah
  • If there was ever a need for #floralfriday, it’s now – I can’t wait for Spring!

Thanks for reading/sharing – have a great weekend!



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