Happy Mardi Gras/Lunar New Year/Snow Day & Weekend Reads 2015 edition v6

tet 2015 attire
Photo credit: Moi

This has been a great week! It seems that all my worlds are colliding with holidays and celebrations. My crazy but adorable #Aurnia celebrated her 7th birthday or at least that’s what the vet said when we took her for her 1st check up almost 3 years ago and they approximated her age.

aurnia 7th bday
Happy Birthday, Aurnia! Photo credit: Moi

It was a 3 day weekend where we got to drink rosé champagne and eat delicious Vietnamese food to celebrate Tet, Lunar New Year with friends and family. We had Mardi Gras and I did my last round of a meat tour until Easter.

2015 Valentines Day
Photo credit: Moi
tet 2015 lucky money
Photo credit: Christine Chen
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A traditional post dinner gambling game. You can tell we’re high rollers – we’re using quarters!! Photo credit: Moi
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Rolling up some goodies! Photo credit: Moi
aurnia mardi gras 2015
Aurnia patiently putting up with me decking her out in Mardi Gras attire Photo credit: Moi
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My pre Lent meat tour starting from top left: pho, Peking duck, prime rib, Szechuan beef, rack of lamb, Chicago style hot dog, & spaghetti carbonara Photo credit: Moi
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Photo credit: Moi
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Photo credit: Moi

Plus we got a snow day! This weekend brings a fun event at the Kreeger Museum as well as dinner with friends and more Lunar New Year family time. #livinahappylife even though I’m in a frozen tundra 🙂

Let’s get to reading!

  • This animation of the polar vortex that’s hitting the east coast is gorgeous (purple is my favorite color) but I can do without the cold that’s coming from SIBERIA!
  • Calling all Introverts (me included to an extent) here’s a travel company that caters to creating trips that will bring the most relaxation. Socializing isn’t mandatory!
  • With all of the fashion world in a whirlwind with their respective Fashion Weeks (Paris and NY are done and now we’ve moved onto London), there are a lot of designers out there showing their wares. An accessory such as a handbag/purse is sometimes an easier access point to wear a favorite designer. Can you spot a fake (video)? If you’re looking at consignment, whether on Ebay or another retail site, educate yourself so that you are spending your money wisely.
  • These photographs showcase how diversity is so beautiful. It’s everywhere around the world!
  • Because I’m really jones-ing for Spring 2015 – some San Francisco tulip inspiration for #FloralFriday.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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