Weekend Reads 2015 edition v2

Photo credit: Tea & Fuzzy Socks

I can’t believe that we’ve already reached the middle of January. The winter weather hasn’t stopped me from going to the gym and getting out at night so I hope you’re enduring whatever weather you may be having to get out and about.

We’re headed into a 3 day weekend and that means I can relax with a crackling fire while enjoying a few good movies & cooking shows! Not to forget, the weekend reads!

  • I don’t watch a lot of tv but one series that I do watch regularly is Downton Abbey and every time I hear the music, I’m ready to take tea in the sitting room. I was fascinated with the historical accuracy of the production: the clothes (I did an earlier post on visiting the costumes exhibit last summer), furnishings, and the food! The Edwardian period was about decadence as well as displaying excess and the food was no exception. Learn more about the work it takes to get all that food prepared/styled for filming (hint: Lord Grantham likes his breakfast sausages).
  • So you’re ready to take the world by storm and travel the heck out of it. Going to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language? Well Google’s got you covered with this handy dandy app. Bonus: it doesn’t need wi-fi or a data connection to work!
  • I so heart ramen. The texture of the noodles, the fragrant broth and the accompaniments in the bowl in the form of meat, eggs and veggies that make this a symphony of flavors. SO.MUCH.LOVE. If you don’t know the difference between shio or shoyu, here’s a primer on Japanese ramen and all of its slurpy goodness.
  • My somewhat regular #attire posts have been a running joke amongst my friends and colleagues for about a good 2 years now (if you don’t know, I post my work attire on Instagram @madalenemielke). Along the way, I’ve seen quite a few guys on Instagram who have quite a formidable wardrobe. If you’re a guy looking for some fashion tips, here are 7 timeless fashion rules as well as a few fellas on Instagram who are quite dapper: @iamgalla, @nickwooster, @olivercheshire1, @tiniegram, @theophiluslondon – from low to high end, they’ve got the fashion spectrum covered.
  • One of my many mantras post 2014 election continues to be less campaigns/more culture! So that means, I need to visit this new art space in Los Angeles. Has anyone been yet??
  • Is it me being late to the party or have podcasts become super popular? One of my favorite things to do to relax is to watch cooking shows so I figured listening to food related podcasts will alight my imagination. I’m going to be checking out this list.

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