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Photo Credit: TheyAllHateUs

This week was a combination of getting my act together for work so that I could prepare for the end of the year reports and getting ready for my annual Ladies Brunch (I need to start thanking all the chickens for laying all of the beautiful eggs for the quichelettes, stratas, and cakes – future blog post, I promise!!). For now, let’s get to the reads:

  • I’m looking forward to my trip to Hawaii so that I can go surfing and these Iranian women are so inspiring! \m/
  • I’m in the Boston area quite often for the Spring and Summer months so I’m going to need to check out this ramen shop. It was included in a list of the 25 best ramen places in the US.
  • We’re winding down 2014 and that gets me excited to plan for 2015!! The congressional calendar was released and that means I can start planning for domestic and international travel. Here’s a great travel wish list for 2015 from National Geographic. Where are you headed next year??
  • Can I really get away without doing a post about Paris? It’s a common theme 😉 Although I don’t subscribe to these dietetic lifestyles or have a food allergy, I know that there are a few readers who would enjoy a vegetarian, gluten free or vegan meal.
  • I’ve been struggling with advancing my French (mainly because I haven’t practiced and haven’t dedicated the time to it) so seeing this article in how to learn a language in 3 months was rather intriguing. Gotta get with the program on flash cards!
  • #FloralFriday is really to remind me that there are days that aren’t grey. These peonies and tulips are certainly helping.

Have a great weekend!!

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