Weekend Reads

lemon blueberry cake

The week has been a roller coaster, with all the news reports around the world and people leaving us much too soon. It’s nice to live in the moment and to cherish people who bring joy and happiness to your life. I had friends over for dinner on a school night just so the Mister could eat the lemon blueberry cake (we can’t possibly finish the whole cake by ourselves so having reinforcements helps!). The weather has been incredibly reasonable for August in DC, so much so that I purchased a box of pumpkin spice chai tea for my morning ritual. I know, I know, autumn will come soon enough but I can live with waking up in the low 60s and having a high in the low 80s more often in the summer. This weekend includes going to a “see you later” party and hanging at the National Harbor w my mom, so I’m keeping fingers crossed that the humidity doesn’t come back just yet. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  • I’ve been cutting cheese incorrectly and now, I picked up a few tips about drinking champagne.
  • This week’s #floralfriday is PERFECT.

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!


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