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The 1st full week of congressional recess came & went! Which means I got to manage a lot of thank you letter production – close to 600 pieces of mail left my office so I’m pretty happy to thank those donors for their support! My weekend is a whirlwind with me participating at my first Bookalokal meal where I get to try out some Brazilian food on Saturday night. Have you used Bookalokal before? Let me know your experience! On Sunday, I’m flying to Boston for the Mister’s mom’s birthday celebration and we’ll be back to DC later that evening. How are you spending your summer weekends?

  • If you need a few ideas in the DMV area – here are some suggestions that are about an hour’s drive from DC!
  • Last Friday,  I got to see the Lion King (such great music and costumes!) at the Kennedy Center so this video of the original Broadway cast rocking out during a ride on the NY subway was amazeballs. Not sure if tickets are still available but it’s playing until August 17th at the Kennedy Center.
  • For those road warriors who live out of airplanes, I get all of these tips and try to do them myself but sometimes, I just want to teleport to my destination (haven’t we figured that out yet??).
  • WARNING: CUTENESS OVERLOAD – The next time I go surfing, I want my own seal pup to hop onboard (although I sometimes feel like I’m the seal pup half the time, slide on/slide off).
  • I have a thing about wherever I travel going to visit their Chinatown area – I’ve done it in Sydney, AUS; Rome, Italy; Paris, France – just about anywhere internationally and the same goes for the US. With no offense to the residents of DC Chinatown, I feel that it’s more Chinablock.
  • Some of you may follow me on @instagram (@madalenemielke) and sometimes, I’m pretty much documenting my life like this – especially #5 (case in point, my featured photo this week!).

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