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aurnia michael north beach 2014

YAY to Summer Weekends! Last weekend the weather held with lovely temperatures so my original plan of de-cluttering my basement went out to the winds. The Mister, Aurnia & I jumped in the car and drove to one of my favorite little spots by the Chesapeake Bay, North Beach. I spent a lot of time in those parts as a youngster eating crabs and taking chartered boats out to the islands of the Bay for science project excursions. In recent years, I’ve paddle boarded along the inlets and have seen a lot of the wildlife – such a pretty area!

I hope you’re soaking in all that Summer has to offer!

  • Now I just want dumplings! Lucky that I live where they listed the best places to get them! Sorry all you non-DMVers!
  • I really appreciate #7 so that might mean that I’m going to need to book a flight to go surfing soon.
  • Steak tartare – yes, please! (I have to give kudos to the Mister for this one because he saw the article and forwarded it to me – does he know me or what?)
  • Even Bon Appetit magazine got in on the action from the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer announcement.

Have a great weekend!


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