Weekend Reads

july 2014 summer cocktails

WOW – this week sure flew by! Last week was a bit relaxed with the 4th of July holiday and then BOOM! the week took a life of its own.

Got back in the groove of doing events and had great fun hosting a group of female friends for summer cocktails. Raspberries + gin = Dangerously Delicious Libation (that will have to be a post in of itself!).

I’m looking forward to seeing my family on Sunday. I missed them last weekend with the travel schedule so we’re back to family dinner! We’re trying a new restaurant with friends on Saturday night and I’ll be cheering on Deutschland (YAY to having paternal German ancestry) for the World Cup! Hope you have a great weekend planned!

  • I’m always talking about food and most importantly, eating food and while I can’t eat these, it made me hungry all the same!
  • I’ve only just started to get into taking pictures (thanks Instagram!) because I believed in capturing the moment in my memory. Thankfully there are others who like using their cameras because these photos of the AAPI community are fantastic. Thanks to the Smithsonian APA Center for curating the collection.
  • So I may or may not make it to France before the end of the year (my goal was to go once a year and so far, I’ve bungled that almost 2 years in a row now!) so I guess I will need to resort to these French inspired readings instead.

Enjoy the weekend!


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