Weekend Reads

aurnia in the grass

The past 2 weeks have involved much work related activity (end of quarter fundraising – woohoo!!) as well as annual fun escapades like hosting members of my sorority alumni group, Phi Mu at my house and doing a crab boil for my family. I think I was out every night this week and tonight the Mister and I are hosting friends over for dinner. How are you spending your weekend!?!

  • Lots of people have been talking about meditation as a way to relieve stress. I feel like my mind is constantly wandering so maybe these steps will help me get through 5 minutes.
  • I have to stay consistent with my posts about Paris! Here’s a list of romantic things that you can do that don’t include a lock or a bridge.
  • So I’m not an outdoorsy person that goes hiking in the woods but if I were, I’d want this handy guide to help me out.
  • I have the Mister to thank for bringing this article to my attention. He’s pretty observant with his own fashion police tendencies but as a big believer in wearing what I want, I don’t prescribe to any DC fashion formula, if there is one still these days. I remember the time when I was an intern on Capitol Hill for a congressional member in leadership and it was required that we wore suits ALL the time (in the middle of summer!) and white pantyhose seemed to be the style. Now a days, we have to throw a blanket on the interns who come to DC because they’re just not wearing a whole lot of anything!
  • Some people say that DC is starting to come into its own with its culinary scene. Having lived in New Orleans for a substantial amount of time, I enjoy eating at all hours of the day/night. Here’s 10 DC restaurants that can keep up the pace with all of you night owls.
  • When I was a full time student, I wasn’t very good at highlighting passages when studying and this recent New York Magazine article tells you what you can do to help yourself learn. Gotta use more flash cards for my French language lessons!

Thanks for reading! Have a good weekend!


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