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A couple of weeks ago, the #WHCD was in town for their annual festivities and I was fortunate to be invited to an event via Google & YouTube. I’m a little behind on the times, especially with what is happening on YouTube. I get social media to the extent of FB, twitter & Instagram but YouTube was always the link that I would click if a friend sent it on FB, not necessarily something I would go to directly for information.

I had heard that there were YouTube celebrities, basically people who had a following through their channels and I recently noticed that YouTube started putting ads on cable. The younger generation (the 20 somethings in my office) were very aware of some of these celebrities and a lot of them were famous for their musical talent. In this case, the talent invited by YouTube for the #WHCD event were famous for their ability to produce beauty tutorials in hair and make-up.

I booked a slot and made my way to Georgetown to a private space where we were welcomed with a coffee bar, juice bar and tiny desserts. There were also samples from the different celebrities on their recommended styling + cosmetic products. Being that one of the make-up artists also doing tutorials was¬†Michelle Phan, who¬†recently developed a cosmetics line, there was a lot of product that was on display for branding and marketing purposes. As a proud #Vietnamese American, I’m so excited for Michelle’s progress! She has over 6.3 million subscribers and recently signed a deal to partner with Endemol Beyond.

20140512-171104.jpg 20140512-171055.jpg 20140512-171118.jpg 20140512-171111.jpg20140512-171126.jpg

My tutorial was with Amanda Ensing, a make up artist who has over 280k subscribers to her YouTube channel. She was a sweetheart. While demonstrating on a model, she gave me as well as 2 others tips on how to contour our face with make-up. Afterwards, we got the chance to spend time with her while we tried to replicate what she did on the model. Basically we got to play with make-up =)

20140512-171134.jpg 20140512-171140.jpg

I got the opportunity to speak with her afterwards and she told me that this was the 1st time she had ever done a real demonstration because she always shared her talents via YouTube. She thought she would go to law school but decided that she would follow this path to see where it would lead her. I had a great time and hope you’ll check out these ladies’ channels to get some tips!

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