Weekend Reads


This past week was filled with lots of #APIAHM2014 events and receptions. I think the earliest I made it home one night was 9:30pm!!! It’s always wonderful to see colleagues from across the country celebrate our shared heritage and collaborate with them on how we move our country forward. Although it’s a whirlwind, it’s also a time of reflection and renewal. It’s also time for me to catch up on what else is going on in the world!

  • If you enjoy James Bond movies, you may also enjoy the cars that zoom zoom through the scenes. You can see all of their magnificence in one place now!
  • Of course, I had to read another article on Paris. People are wondering if it’s still cool and personally, I’m in the city’s corner so check out what Paris can offer.
  • My goal is always to beĀ #livinahappylife and here’s an info graphic to remind me when I think I might be off track.

Madalene in repose

Happy Friday!


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