Re-living #birthdaythatendsinazero

So a year ago, I jumped on a plane with the Mister and traveled to Rome so that I could celebrate my #birthdaythatendsinazero in “The Eternal City”. I can’t even believe that it’s been a year! So much fun traveling with friends who were kind enough to meet us there and to share their experiences since they’re well seasoned Rome travelers. If you’re planning on going, you can see some of the ancient ruins, my obsession of always looking for a Chinatown & open markets, a visit to the Vatican museum, as well as places to eat and shop.

IMG_1391IMG_1331 IMG_1328 IMG_1324 IMG_1322 IMG_1320

In the meantime, while I’m trying to pretend it’s Spring in DC, I’ll fondly remember time spent in such a lovely place.

Enjoy the weekend!



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