Shameless Self Promotion



A former colleague and dear friend, Milagros Brown asked me to be in her blog series called, “She Starts Businesses”. I was so honored because Milagros featured her mom (!!) and the character, J.C. Wiatt – the main character from Baby Boom on the series. I have such affection for Milagros because she’s so inspiring! I was privileged to attend her wedding and to hear stories from her longtime friends and former roommates as they reveled in her ability to always be positive and uplifting reminded me that there’s good people in this world. She’s also superbly fashionable to boot! You can read Refinery 29’s article on Milagros’ stellar selling skills.

If you haven’t checked out the other parts of her blog, The Good District hop to it because you can also be supporting a good cause at any number of her philanthropic partnerships. As she likes to says, #shopgoodfeelgood.

Thanks for indulging me on my self pimp and check out Milagros’ blog!



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