Roman Holiday for a Birthday that Ends in a Zero

I decided in 2012 that I was going to celebrate my “birthday that ends in a zero” with a trip because what is life but a journey of experiences? I’m a planner. I like to plan. I like to research and then execute. It’s a little harder for me to sometimes enjoy the experience itself because I’m usually too caught up planning the next thing. So with this “birthday that ends in a zero”, I also decided to really enjoy in the moment.

I had to decide on a city and ta da! I picked Rome, the Eternal City.

It didn’t disappoint.

My birthday fell on a Friday this year (PERFECT TIMING!) so I knew that I wanted to wake up on my birthday in Rome which meant that we had to fly on Wednesday night to arrive on Thursday so that I could go to sleep in a Roman hotel or in my case, be awake at midnight on my birthday so that I could start celebrating 🙂

After departing Dulles, the Mister and I arrived close to 9 hours later at Da Vinci.

I decided to be spur of the moment and take a flat rate driver vs a metered cab to the hotel. Who doesn’t want to arrive in a Mercedes sedan with tinted windows and a driver dressed like he stepped out of an Armani commercial? The driver happened to be a little older and by older, I mean in his 40s with grey at the temples, Friday casual European cut clothes, a discreetly flashy wristwatch, and too cool for school aviator shades. Ladies and gentlemen who notice these details, you had to give him props.

The driver was kind enough to ask us if this was our first visit and then began pointing out landmarks after we told him that it was, indeed our first trip. He did find it amusing that the 1st picture that I took on our journey was of a Burger King as we were pulling into the city. I mean, c’mon BURGER KING?! Fine, there was a McDonald’s too and that was just yards away from the Spanish steps.

The Mister booked our hotel at The Hotel Eden which isn’t far from the Spanish steps and the Via Condotti, one of the most fashionable streets in Rome. It also houses the greatest number of Rome based fashion retailers, similar to London’s Bond Street.

The Via Condotti looking up to the Spanish Steps

The Via Condotti reminds me of the French Quarter in NOLA

After freshening up, we met up with our friends K & N and we walked to Harry’s Bar for a bit of nourishment.

Spinach & Cheese Ravioli

Pappardelle with white ragu

Then it was off to the Colosseum!

We decided to forgo the pictures with the faux Roman guards but by all means, when in Rome 🙂

We breezed through the area surrounding the Colosseum and the Forum and took a few photos of the area.

These alcoves represent the stations of the cross

I haven’t even gone through the middle of the day because we still went out to the Via Condotti and hit up the oldest Caffe in Rome, Antico Caffe Greco as well as a wine bar and then there was shopping and more eating and drinking….whew!!! Did I mention that I don’t really get jet lag so when I step off the plane, it’s pretty much non-stop 🙂


Ms. X

The Hotel Eden
Via Ludovisi, 49
Rome, Italy
(39) (06) 478 121

Harry’s Bar
Via Veneto, 150
(39) (06) 474 2103

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