Travel Guide 2012 Part Two: Paris Part Deux

I did manage to get in some sight seeing!  I had never been in the Louvre so spent a few hours there getting educated.

I do find it amusing that I captured the iconic inverse pyramid while also getting the apple logo :/

I was completely enthralled with the ceilings.  I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler so to stand at hours on end – artistry!

I had also wanted to go to the Marche aux fleurs et aux oiseaux (flowers & birds) near Notre Dame.  On Sundays, purveyors sell all sort of birds but since I was leaving very early on Sunday morning, I knew that I would miss out on that aspect.  The structure of the market reminded me of my days in New Orleans at the French Market.  It’s great for staying dry while also being in the open air.  This market has been in existence for the past 100 years.

and yes, there were flowers galore!

On my December trip, I went to one of my favorite handbag purveyors, Goyard.  Unfortunately, due to the holidays, they were closed.  This time, I went with the intention to peruse and window shop.  Instead, I bought myself a new handbag.  One that I won’t even see until April….of 2013!!!  They have stores stateside (San Francisco – the only stand alone store; selected Barneys & Bergdorf Goodman).  They have a website but there are no photos for you to peruse.  They are old school in that you have to go to the store to look at the merchandise.  The top photo is the animal carriers/trunks while the bottom photo is for for the humans.  They’re across the street from one another.

Prior to my shopping excursion, I decided that I need a bit of nosh.  A few doors down from Goyard is a lovely little cafe, Le Castiglione.  I ate there New Year’s Day 2011 and this time I ate outside.  Beef carpaccio w arugula & shaved parmesan along w a glass of rose.

Since I was staying so close to Notre Dame Cathedral (3 blocks away!), I thought I would take a look-see so I waited in a very short and quick line.  It is a marvel in architecture.  I was raised Catholic and I knew that my mom would enjoy getting a rosary from there.  Sure enough, there’s a gift shop inside of the cathedral.  For a small fee, you can also trek to the top of the tower to see the views.

For dinner one night, we decided to visit Le Tokyo Eat at the Palais de Tokyo.  You get to eat on the terrace and with the Eiffel Tower as part of the view, the scenery is lovely.  We made friends with the table next to us and since they lived in the neighborhood, they frequented the restaurant quite often.  They helped us with wine and food recommendations.  In my experience, Parisians are very welcoming to those of us from aux Etats Unis. 🙂

During our last night, we decided to take a boat ride along the Seine.  Since we were already near Notre Dame, we were close to one of the docks.  There are multiple companies that do the ride.  We chose Bateaux Parisiens.  It was quite lovely and I got to see a lot of things that I would have never seen if I didn’t take the boat ride.  Along the Left Bank, there are hundreds of people who gather to salsa dance!  I really enjoyed seeing Parisians enjoying a weekend evening in a way that is normal to them.  My caution is that you purchase your ticket early and get there early enough so that you can stand in line to get a seat of your choice on the boat.

Of course, we had to see the Eiffel Tower and she was beautiful in all of her bling-ed out fashion!

After this trip, I fell even more in love with France and I look forward to getting back there in 2013.

Bon Voyage,


Cour Carree et Pyramide du Louvre

Marche aux fleurs et aux oiseaux
Place Louis-Lepine – Ile de le cite

233, Rue Saint-Honore
Goyard pour animaux et excursions
352, Rue Saint-Honore

Le Castiglione
235, Rue Saint-Honore

Tokyo Eat
13, avenue du President Wilson

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