It’s the all American sport: Baseball and the boys of Summer!  Although the weather this past Friday was more reminiscent of an early Spring evening, victory was sweet after a long losing streak.

I’m fortunate to have partial season tickets to watch the Red Sox so I make the trip from DCA to BOS so that I can be a part of Red Sox nation.  There is a whole lot of pride that abounds in Fenway and the area surrounding it.  This year marks the 100th anniversary of Fenway park and everywhere you turn, there are people wearing the Red Sox gear proudly.

Going to BOS also means that I get to try a new restaurant!  I’m always one for a new eating adventure so I googled the list of Boston’s best new restaurants and got this suggestion:

The Salty Pig!

We doesn’t like prosciutto and coppa?  The best part of the meal was definitely the crispy pork belly bao (Chinese steamed bun) sandwich.  So delicious!

The next time you’re in Boston or if you live in Boston, let me know where you like to eat!



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