Back in the Kitchen

With my return to eating meat, I decided to make a ½ roast chicken.  The size is just right for 2 people and I don’t have to worry about leftovers.  I’m all for roasting a whole chicken and recreating a different version for multiple meals but I was headed out of town so I didn’t want to worry about any leftovers.

Being that it’s springtime, I got a handful of English peas and shelled them to add into a potato side dish.  If you have never tried fresh peas, head to your nearest farmers market or grocery store and taste them.  You will notice a difference!  Be prepared to work for your food!  Like eating Maryland crabs and crawfish, you need a lot of peas to get to a substantial amount. 

Look at how many peas I shelled (altho not that many) to get to the bowl on the left

Final product: Yukon gold potatoes and fresh peas
This version of roast chicken is basically me bathing it in olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs of Provence.  Throw it in an 400 degree oven and forget about it (or at least until you think the smoke detector might go off!).  It’s an easy and somewhat quick dinner.


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