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As a reveler in food and all things food related – did I mention that I thoroughly enjoy grocery shopping?? – I really like trying new things and going back to my favorites.  One of these new favorites is close to my ‘hood, Fiola.  I first went there with Hubs on our January anniversary (we have 2 different wedding anniversaries, but that’s for another time!).  I made the reservation telling the restaurant that it was a special occasion and they did such a fantastic job making us feel welcomed.  They gave us all of these little extras and everything was delicious.  I tweeted them afterwards and they were kind enough to respond (if you really really want to view my tweets, follow me at @madalenemielke).  They were recently named as a finalist for Best New Restaurant.

This go around, it was during the week and I was ending the day at call time so I knew that I didn’t want to go home and make dinner.  Thank you opentable for the reservations.  7pm Fiola on Tuesday.  Who else would be going to dinner in that ‘hood?  There’s the Source, Capital Grille and a slew of other great restaurants in that vicinity.  Hubs was walking from work and I was driving over from the DNC building.  I had heard that there were street closures (a daily hazard of living in DC), but I didn’t realize that it was a block away at the Newseum.  Hubs called to tell me that they had cordoned off the street and he would have to walk around.  When the President travels, no one is allowed to walk in the perimeter so that meant I would have to drive all the way around.  I called the restaurant to explain the situation so wouldn’t lose the reservation.  They completely understood and pushed my reservation to 7:45pm.

Hubs made it and then I followed about 10 minutes later, parking the car instead of valeting. 
We were seated and the same server we had from our anniversary dinner, Ashley T was assigned to our table.  She immediately recognized us and asked us if we had any questions about the menu since our last visit.  Since I’m adhering to my no meat and Hubs to his no alcohol, I ordered my usual vodka martini, up w olives while he ordered sparkling water.  We decided on each getting a salad and ½ portions of the pasta.  When our salads arrived, we were a little confused because we each had 2 salads.  Ashley T explained Chef was excited to hear that we were back so decided that he wanted to give us the extra salads.  How nice, right?!!?  

Baby Greens

Burrata of Mozzarella
They have delicious individual breads infused w butter and after the salads, we were full without even getting to our pastas.  
When they arrived, we were happy to get the ½ size portions because we wouldn’t have been able to finish if they were the full portions.  
Lobster Ravioli

Spaghetti w grilled shrimp
Ashley T offered us dessert but we just couldn’t even fathom eating anything else.  After we paid the bill, Ashley T brought us 3 complimentary desserts from Chef: a selection of sorbets, petite macarons w chocolates and a basketful of fried dough similar to doughnuts/beignets w dipping sauces.  Our eyes widened and we knew that we had to attempt to try everything.  Hubs gave up chocolate for Lent too so it fell to me to eat all the chocolate (cry me a river, right?).  If everything was calorie free, I would have eaten it all!

Chocolates and macarons
Doughnut like concoction w dipping sauces

Selection of sorbets

Thank you Chef Fabio Trabocchi for such great food and service.  I’m looking forward to coming again for lunches and happy hours!  Friends, I hope to see you because I’m planning to be a regular!  Be sure to follow him on Twitter: @fioladc.

You can also read the Washington Post’s restaurant critic, Tom Sietsema’s review:


Fiola da Fabio Trabocchi 

601 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20004

* Entrance at 678 Indiana Ave.

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