For the Love of Coral

I love my fair share of black and grey.  My palette has just about every shade.  What exactly is the difference between Dark Charcoal and Dark Gray?!!  Why by just a smidge, my friend!!
As much as I enjoy those colors, I really do love jewel tones and in fact, my favorite color is purple.  This year’s spring trends are neons and I remember the days when I wore the crazy shades with fingerless lace gloves, but don’t tell anyone! Did I just type that out loud?

When I travel, my guilty pleasure are magazines: US Weekly, People and People Style.  While on my last trip to Los Angeles aka LaLa Land, I flipped through to find this beautiful blazer by Rebecca Minkoff.

The Rebecca Minkoff jacket that started it all.  Retails $348
I decided that I would get the orange version.
I think I’ve worn this jacket at least 3xs already and plan to bring it with me to LaLa Land for my next visit.  It also comes in a springy teal as well.

I have a nail polish from OPI that I also enjoy called Cajun Shrimp(!!) and as a faux New Orleans girl, I love the name.

I like necklaces so much that I use a belt rack to hang my necklaces.  I recently purchased this art deco style necklace from J Crew on sale!  So if you don’t want to go all in with an item of clothing, you can always get an accent piece.

It even puts a smile on my black/grey palette.


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