Always Things to Do!

We’re in the home stretch of February in this lovely Leap Year!

It’s been a lot of fun the past few weeks on the party train that I’ve been riding/conducting.  I’m on my way back from a weekend in Los Angeles visiting w my 2 BFFs, Ms AK & Ms CC.  It was CRAY-CRAY!

But let me dial it back a notch with the party recap that started with my mom’s 70th Birthday party.

She got not one but TWO birthday cakes.  Larry La, the owner of was kind enough to get my mom a more Vietnamese style cake.  That’s the one that was decorated with a light green color up top.

I remember a birthday where she decided that she would have a flaming volcano, one of those tropical drinks with the extra long straws that are usually shared by 2+ people.  My mom is a petite woman of barely 5′ and about 100lbs when she’s soaking wet.  She drank the whole thing by herself.  By the end of our outing, she was definitely tipsy.  This go around, she decided that she would have her flaming volcano but that she would share it with a couple of her sisters (my aunts).  Team work!

The night after my mom’s birthday party, Hubs and I hosted a Mardi Gras party with 65+ people coming to our house.  Earlier in the day, we had some blizzard-esque weather and it didn’t look so good.  We had a heat lamp at the ready but the wind kept blowing it out.  Needless to say, no one was brave enough to venture out again once they deposited their coats.  Everyone was happy to stay inside where we had a fire roaring and New Orleans food/beverages ready to be enjoyed.

We have a tradition of playing “The Big Easy” on mute while traditional Mardi Gras music plays in the background
The NOLA food buffet w king cake and Zapps

We hold a raffle and give away gifts from NOLA: cafe du monde coffee & mug; cafe du monde tote bag; Tabasco steak sauce; Pat O’Brien’s hurricane glasses – it’s a fun break from the socializing and the eating/drinking!

To cap off that weekend, my business partner and I decided to take this Valentine’s Day and add a twist.  We did a karaoke fundraiser to benefit, a national organization dedicated to fighting hunger.  We had about 30+ ladies join us in the “Gal-entine’s” celebration and we were able to raise close to $800 for the organization.  Fun times for a good cause!

Much thanks to for letting us take over their space!

I am so fortunate to have such lovely friends and family who will take the party train with me so thank you to all of you who made it out.  Looking forward to seeing you when we plan more fun adventures!


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