Friday Cocktails

It’s the Friday before New Year’s Eve, everyone is cutting out early from work or better yet, didn’t come into work!  Since I still had work tasks (we’re counting down the hours and listening for the mail handler to come with envelopes full of checks) to oversee, I was in the office but realized that I was scheduled to meet a friend (NS) for drinks later in the evening.

As I perused the shared subscription of the Washingtonian magazine and its review of the 100 best restaurants, I decided that I needed to go beyond my usual H Street, Gallery Place/Chinatown geography and venture out to the hip greater 14th St. corridor/Logan Circle area.

NS’ Sobieski Vodka Cosmo and my sparkling wine

I proposed that we meet at the Pearl Dive Oyster Bar, located at 1612 14th St. NW.

They have a great happy hour menu (M-F/4pm-7pm): sparkling/red/white wine $5; Sobieski vodka martinis $7; 1/2 draft beer as well as for specials of 1lb of mussels for $9!

It was on like donkey kong!

As you can see from the bottom photo, we destroyed the mussels!  They were delicious with bits of bacon, garlic and the broth was so very tasty.  We only wished we had more grilled baguette to sop it all up.  For anyone who enjoys mussels, this is a must have!
I lived in New Orleans for a number of years and I have enjoyed my share of oyster houses.  Pearl Dive has a less gritty feel to it, although the decor is in tune with the theme of the restaurant.  I, especially enjoyed the “artwork” from the ceiling of the bar.

It was a nice way to start the New Year’s Eve weekend.

What’s your favorite cocktail??



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