Show me the Money!! or at least some credit card numbers…

It was back to work for the short period before the end of the 4th Quarter.  We are counting down until the last hours of not just 2011 but the start of the 1st Quarter of 2012.  Midnight December 31st has such a significant meaning!

In the meantime, I took a break to meet a friend at a relatively new joint called, Graffiato  It is a hot place – opened in June 2011 and difficult to get a reservation at opentable but they have a great bar that’s first come, first serve.  Since my friend is a vegetarian, we decided to split the Classic pizza w the addition of mozzarella. The Classic is listed as having melted cherry tomatoes, sicilian oregano, and garlic.  I heart thin crust pizza and this did NOT disappoint.  The texture had a nice chew and crispiness from the wood burning oven.  We also ordered the charred potatoes which had the addition of parmesan and lemon.  We were expecting wedges but instead, we got individual tiny fingerling-type potatoes in hues of purple and beige – colorful and DELISH!

This week I’m alternating between going out and staying home to cook.  My schedule these days generally means that I’m doing take out or meeting people at a restaurant for dinner.  So I want to take advantage of the “downtime” before I go back to having someone else cook for me!

As a result, I made a red snapper entree with brussels sprouts and bacon (of course!).

Brussels sprouts “de-flowered”

Un-cured pepper bacon sauteeing

The red snapper filet

Sauteeing the brussels sprouts

Bacon ready to go!

Red snapper sauteed w grape tomatoes mixed lemon juice & lemon slices (you can’t see them – they’re underneath the filet)

The plated dish – mixed brussels sprouts w the bacon

Tomorrow night: white bean and chicken chili!

What are you having for dinner??



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