Is it Friday yet???

This past weekend was so fun, I was ready for another Friday once Monday came along! Unfortunately, we have another 4 days to go!

Last Friday was my anniversary and because I tend to do things differently, I have 2 anniversaries. I have been married to the same man (who I will call Hubs) 3 times! The 1st time was on January 21st in DC. We eloped and being that my family is in the area, my mom was none too pleased to miss out on the celebration. Since DC doesn’t require witnesses, it was just the 2 of us getting married by a Judge at the DC Courthouse. The 2nd time was a traditional Vietnamese ceremony and the 3rd time was a Catholic ceremony at church…..that occurred 2 years and 6 months after we eloped. So my January anniversary is generally a celebration that Hubs and I recognize but w out any fan fare. It definitely gives us an excuse to go out and have a nice dinner!

 Since we were still in Restaurant Week, we went to the Caucus Room. Although it’s considered a steak house, we each decided to have the seafood dishes for our respective entrees.

1999 Vintage Veuve Clicquot and our Waterford crystal champagne flutes

Argula Salad
Cauliflower Soup

Pear & Apple Spring Roll

Coconut Panna Cotta
My cocktail of choice: Ketel One martini up w olives

 To cap off the evening, we went to see True Grit. We both have seen the original True Grit with John Wayne and both found the original version to be quite enjoyable. In recent weeks, I have watched a few movies where Jeff Bridges portrayed a character, “Iron Man”, “Tron: Legacy”, “True Grit” and “Crazy Heart”. It was great to see him in such diverse roles.

Saturday was a “day of beauty” for me so I was running around doing my usual monthly routine and then Hubs and I left for dinner to try a new Vietnamese restaurant in the Chinatown area, “Pho DC”. The bowls of pho were enormous and the usual décor (which is generally none) was replaced with a super cool wall of color, lacquer tables, a sleek bar and cool lighting.

We followed up dinner by going to see the Wizards/Celtics game at the Verizon Center. Hubs is a Boston boy through and through – after 18 years of living in DC, his Boston accent has slowly waned but he will cheer for the Red Sox, the Celtics, and the Patriots. A dear friend of mine, MW has season tickets and she was kind enough to let me use her tickets for this game. I enjoy her seats because they’re at center court and you get an awesome view of what’s going on the court. A friend of Hubs, BM came by and sat with us. 2 Boston boys watching the Celtics seemingly win but in the end, unravel. GO WIZARDS!! I’ve cheered for them for as long as I could remember. I cheered for them when they were the Bullets. I cheered for them when they played at the Capital Centre (where my high school graduation was performed and eventually was razed).


I can be enthusiastic about sports. I am happy to watch games on tv and in person but I don’t move my schedule for sports. I am also fortunate that Hubs isn’t a diehard fan of anything sports-related. So I’m not a sports widow. He does watch Florida gators football games but he does that for the social aspect since his work colleagues are alumni. His mom went there for undergrad so there is some affinity.

Irish Coffees after the Wizards win!

I graduated from Tulane so the football and basketball teams are somewhat relevant but I don’t tune in specifically to watch them. This is a school where I dressed in cocktail attire and my date wore a jacket and tie to games. Yes, dates to football games. Greek life in the South!

What did you do over the weekend??

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