Days until Spring!!! With the potential of 1”-3” of snow last night and winds that drop the temperatures into the 20s, I have a long way to go before I can see the bloom of flowers. With that in mind, I decided to buy some flowers to remind me that Spring is around the corner….a really big corner but it’s still around the corner!

I’m not especially fond of pink (although I do enjoy the combination of pink and green and my sorority color is pink) but I found this arrangement to be very cheerful and sassy. To kick up the cute factor, I included the little ladies. They were Christmas gifts from a colleague/friend and I can’t even express how adorable they are in person.

Are you enjoying the winter weather?

It’s hard to believe that a year ago, my 2 besties – AK & CC and I decided to hit up Sundance for the film festival. AK & I had been before but this was CC’s 1st foray to the craziness that is the Sundance Film Festival.

If I was trying to escape winter, there was no way that happened last year. It snowed the entire time. We took the shuttle to Main Street each day to explore the shops, cafes, and clubs. Oh yeah, we also went to a couple of movies and maybe saw a few celebrities (Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Malin Akerman, Mario Lopez, etc…). Although the celebrity sightings were nice, it was really the time spent with friends that made the trip so fantastic.

As a person who works in politics, it’s always amazing to me to see how the entertainment industry is so similar to the work that I do. Sundance was great because I didn’t have to work and I got to observe how people move in between the creative and business aspects of their work. It was also just great to watch some spectacular movies. We saw a documentary called, “Bhutto”. The subject was the life of Benazir Bhutto, the 1st woman elected to lead a Muslim country as Prime Minister. She was assassinated on Dec 27th, 2007. It was truly an emotional movie as the Bhutto family sat directly behind me.

The other movie that was playing in the same location prior to “Bhutto” was “The Pat Tillman Story”, a documentary of the football turned soldier who was killed in Afghanistan. The filmgoers who came out of that movie were all red eyed from crying. So many of the films that play at Sundance enlighten, educate, and stir your emotions. On the other end of the spectrum, we also watched the premiere of a comedy horror movie called, “Tucker & Dale versus Evil”. It was goofy and good light hearted fun.

Partial Cast of “Tucker & Dale Vs Evil” Q&A after screening

So I’m toasting the Sundance 2011 line-up and looking forward to my next trip to Sundance. Special shout-out to AK for allowing me to poach her photos from our adventures – Thank you!!  What movies do you enjoy??

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