Anyone up for a Slurpee?

DC is experiencing a thaw (thankfully). I have witnessed numerous cars of all varieties getting stuck outside of my office window. It doesn’t matter if you drive a Chevy Trailblazer or a Honda Accord, welcome to the abyss of the 3rd Street slurpee. The positive point of witnessing this is also the number of people willing to assist the driver in getting out of the slurpee. Snowmaggedon has brought people together!

I’m still at a standstill on my meal list. I don’t think I can make a run for it. So I was left with this to do as I could:

The steak wasn’t bad!

Just like the weather we went from this to this:

Really – this is an improvement!
and shoewear….

I think I’m going to get the adult version of the slurpee aka the frozen margarita 🙂


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